First time mom in Vancouver

Wow! Time definately flies! I’m already in week 35 of my pregnancy, am on mat leave and preparing for our big move to our new home that is currently under renovations. Go big or go home – I still can’t believe we are doing all of this at the same time.

What I’ve been meaning to do is to collect all the useful resources I’ve found for the prep-phase of becoming a first time mother. This is actually what inspired me to start this blog – I couldn’t find one single site where the information literally translated to: The Who/What/When/Where/Whys for a first time mom in the Greater Vancouver area. Here is what I’ve collected in a broad spectrum, and I hope it becomes helpful for those out there looking for the same information. I will try to write more posts on specific things I’ve researched, such as car seats, strollers, cloth vs disposable diapering and more!

1) Baby Center website – This website is great to get started in learning about your developing bundle of joy. It gives you week by week development information about your baby, foods to avoid, how to exercise throughout pregnancy and so much more. For someone who loves to learn, this is awesome! They also have ALOT of information on all topics of pregnancy.

2) GP vs Midwife – I debated this for awhile – there is alot of information out there. I personally would’ve gone with a midwife if our circumstances were different, as it matches more with my personality and preferences. Both are covered by MSP and have access to the same things, so it really depends on your style.

3) Baby freebies – who doesn’t want it??

– Nestle Baby

– Huggies

– Pampers

– Enfamil

– Shoppers Drug Mart

– Home Essentials

4) Greater Vancouver Baby Swap community – the greatest treasure I’ve found as I’ve put my list of things to get are the Baby Swap communities throughout greater vancouver. I personally use the the Vancouver BC Kids Shop and Swap, and Richmond Swap and Shop that uses the VarageSale App. I’ve found everything I need to get started through these swap websites and Craigslist and I’ve saved SO MUCH money, which I couldn’t be happier about. I definately recommend checking these out. And in all honesty, I see how my friends’ kids grow out of things within a few weeks – to spend full price for baby items is just not my preference 🙂

That’s it for this post – back to renos!!!


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