Last trimester – labour and delivery

Well, it’s finally time to recount the special events in the past month. Let’s start with the end of the last trimester and the labour & delivery process 🙂

As reported, we’ve been going big in our last trimester – moving out of our town home and  upsizing to a new house with a complete renovation process. We got our new home mid September and our due date was mid October. I really thought that the baby would come early, so was aiming for an early October delivery. Thank God that the baby was actually 2 weeks late because our renovations were done just in time. Even though the last month of pregnancy was the most trying and I wanted the baby out ASAP, God’s timing was divine because our renovations – down to the final details such as getting the heat to work, were done just in time for the arrival of our new addition. God knows 🙂

So you can imagine we were quite busy in the last month prior to Baby’s arrival. I am a busy body, so I kept my body at work the whole time – part of why I thought the baby would come early. Pregnancy was definitely on the easier side for me up until the last month – the only complaint was a BIT of nausea and fatigue in the first trimester – I think it was as good as it could’ve been. The hardest brunt was the last month of pregnancy where I was just physically at my max and ready to meet the Baby.

The labour and delivery process though is a totally different story. Sometimes I wonder if God let me have it good throughout pregnancy because the labour part was going to be so intense. I’ve always heard and known that the labouring process won’t be easy especially for the first baby – but nothing prepared me for what I experienced. We started off being 2 weeks late, and needing to be induced at the hospital. The day we were suppose to go get induced, the hospital said they were too busy – I didn’t know that could happen! So we were suppose to wait for the next day. But I actually started getting contractions while we were at the hospital. I was always fearful that I wouldn’t know I was getting contractions – but when you get them, you KNOW! I wasn’t dilated enough while we were at the hospital so the nurse said to just wait it out at home. We left, went to get take-out to have dinner with my in-laws at home. But as we were waiting for the food, the contractions got stronger and my husband said we should go back to the hospital. We called them and they told us to just come in as I had to get some antibiotics prior anyhow. And that’s how it began.

It was exciting to finally go into the labour process…or so I had thought! We went into the hospital on the night of Halloween – and at our window we were able to see fireworks – what a nice celebration to see 🙂 I went through mild to moderate contractions throughout the night – started to use the laughing gas – not sure if it actually helped. I took lots of showers as it seemed to relax me a bit. The doctor gave me a shot of pain reliever towards the morning and it had minimal affect. I did not have strong opinions about using epidural, so was wondering when the doctor would offer it. The contractions were getting bad towards the next afternoon and so I asked the doctor when I would get it – apparently they don’t offer it until I asked! Contractions after the epidural seemed non-existent. I was able to take a nap and relax – whoever invented that deserves a nobel prize!

The delivery process finally started around 10pm that night. It took awhile for the final 0.5cm of dilation to happen. I’ve heard about “the urge to push” – it is unreal. I almost couldn’t handle it at the end so thank God the doctor gave me the green light to start pushing. The pushing process was literally a pain – almost 3 hours. I appreciated the nurse’s encouragement, but honestly to realize that there was minimal progress, I was really…mad! My doctor was a family physician, so when she saw there was minimal progress, she had to call in an OB-GYN for consult – turned out that I needed assisted vaginal delivery with forceps in the best case scenario and an emergency c-section in the worse case.  But at that point, I was at the end of my straw and just wanted the baby to be delivered. I will spare you all the details, but it was an intense end to the labour and delivery process. My husband described it best – it must be within how God created women to withstand a process like that – we are able to do what it takes to get the job done.

The funny end to this story is that we did not know the sex of the baby. Our nurse had predetermined for us that my husband would reveal the gender at birth. But because the delivery took an unexpected turn, we didn’t have the luxury of that. So when the surgical team delivered the baby and gave her to me for skin to skin, we almost forgot to ask about the gender – it’s a GIRL! Welcome Baby Girl to our lives and to this world.



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