Parenting philosophy

Before I dive in to recapture the weeks I’ve recorded so far about our weekly journals of raising our Baby, I must premise it with the fact that we are following a parent philosophy called “Baby Wise” as best as we know how.


From what I’ve gathered, the underlying concept (which is what spoke to us the most) is that when a baby is born, the baby is born into a family and thus follows what’s been set in place by the family rather than becoming the focal point that starts to dictate how things go in the family. I really believe in that because I see how children need structure, and I don’t believe they have the capacity to set order in their own lives, so we have to help them (i.e. give them a routine) so that they can thrive within it. Of course I am no expert, but these things speak to my husband and I as well as our believes, and I see the fruit of it in other friends who follow this philosophy. So here goes – a journey on parenting with Baby Wise! Cheers!


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