Week 2

Okay…so re-capturing week 2. Even though these summaries might seem like I know what I’m doing…that is not the truth! It was chaotic from day 2 and every day was a constant struggle to figure out if what I was doing was right or wrong, why baby was crying, am I feeding her enough, why is she not sleeping etc etc… To all the first time moms out there like me..hang in there, you are not alone!


We took Colette out to a gathering with friends. It was really sweet, we prayed together for her as parents, and our friends prayed for us. One thing that I’ve learned about parenting so far is the necessity of support. I cannot imagine doing this all without having an amazing husband and the beautiful group of family and friends that constantly surround me – moments that I see how blessed I am. On the down side, the outing threw baby off. I’m pretty sure she was overstimulated by all the excited aunties and uncles she was surrounded by – her next few naps were off.


She’s been eating well, but started spitting up large amounts – there were 2-3 days she spat up what seemed like her whole feed at times. One funny moment (in hindsight): we were at the bank with our friend and his parents happened to come by. I finished feeding and was about to hand her over the my friend’s parents excited hands. Literally 10 seconds before I passed her over, she spat up HUGE (looked like her entire feed). Can you imagine – would’ve been quite the awkward situation. I started slowing down her feeding to 10-15 minutes per side and it seemed to stop the big feed spit ups. Either it’s that or her valves are developing.


Overall she naps well, besides the few situations of our outings of her getting overtired, she seems to do very well. (And in hindsight this is because I nursed her to sleep in the early weeks)


She is mostly just nursing and that’s what she tolerates for wake times. One of the few activities we did do was giving her her first bath at home. I tried to remember how the nurses did it, but totally forgot. One recommendation is to look up on YouTube. I found this one on Baby Center website to be helpful: http://www.babycenter.com/2_how-to-give-your-newborn-a-bath_1486858.bc

Another activity is tummy time. She tolerated pretty good for about a minute or so!



This continues to be a battle for me. I definitely am overdoing things (also in hindsight) – now that I don’t have a pregnant body, I feel invincible in my mind, but often forget that the birthing procedure was no small deal. We went out for a walk at a nearby trails for 30 minutes and I was done – over done! And I could not help saying yes to going out to see different people. But all in all, slowing down would have been a better choice!


Her feeding schedule continues to go as from birth at every 3 hours: 12, 3, 6, 9, etc. Wake time continues to be minimal and is filled with diaper change, cleaning spit up on her and changing clothes etc.


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