Week 3

Now to look back at week 3 with our little lady. You know how people tell you – you’ll learn to know your baby’s cries – ones for hunger, ones for wet/dirty diaper etc…well…either we are very non-observant parents, or that statement is not as simple as it sounds. So far the cries we recognize are the loud ones and the soft ones. haha. Any other parents out there like us??? Maybe it will just take more time!

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The whole-meal spit ups seem to have stabilized. My hypothesis that we overfed her seems to be true as when we have now slowed her down to 10-15min per side for nursing, she is not spitting up those feeds anymore. She also seems to stay awake more during feeds with less need of mommy’s tickling help. I did learn something at the Public Health Nurse Clinic (which by the way is a GREAT government resource – go BC!). Colette sucks with we eyes closed – apparently that is ok because babies are in their “happy place” when they are nursing, so as long as she is sucking and swallowing they are good and can have their eyes closed. And it’s OK that they take a break between sucking cycles: ie a pattern of suck suck swallow pause and repeat.

This continues to be well most of the time except for 1 or 2 naps where she is either not able to sleep or she wakes up 30-45 min into a nap and can’t fall back asleep. We want to do the cry out method, and so when we wait to check on her 30 and 45minutes in – she seems to show hunger cues. This confused me and i don’t know what to do. Do I break out of routine to feed her? Or is this part of the cry out method to just leave her?
One thing we did learn is when she’s overstimualted/overtired she cannot sleep in her nap time. Such as when we are in social gatherings and everyone takes a turn holding her – she is overstimulated and doesn’t nap during that cycle, and has a hard time napping afterwards. Also when she stays up longer than she is able in her wake time (so far she lasts about 40-50minutes total), she gets overtired and has a hard time sleeping or won’t be able to sleep. We are still trying to figure out how to handle these moments – do we leave her to cry out, or should we comfort her?
Growth Spurt
Towards end of the week (day 17-19) baby did not sleep well – waking up early and not being able to sleep at all several naps in a row. Day one was just one or two feeds. Day 2 was a few more feeds. Day 3 was the worse where she woke up every 3 hours, so had 3 late night feeds vs 1 and didn’t sleep throughout the day. It turned out that after 1-2 days of frustration, we think she’s actually in a growth spurt. So we started to feed her between scheduled feeds when she’s crying and showing hunger cues, and it seemed to have stabilized her. Day 3-4 post and she was back to schedule since evening of day 3. YAY! Since then, she’s almost going 15 min per side for nursing and her total wake time increased from about 40-45 to 45-50 total.
Sleepy waketime moment

Sleepy waketime moment


Alert wake time moment!

We continue to be on a 3 hour schedule: 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 9. Can’t wait till next week to start extending her night hours to see how it will go! Wake time is minimal as her little lady likes to wait until we change her diaper to have her bowel movements, so this takes up most of our wake time together. This routine is quite cute and hasn’t seem to get old with us so far.

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