Week 5

Recapturing week 5! It was another what-is-going-on week. She started having these crying fits even when we were there with her (where she would normally settle). She seems a bit more gaseous than normal. My friend’s newborn mentioned his symptoms of dairy sensitivity which seem similar to Colette. So I did try cutting out dairy and baby seems to settle down. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m starting to take dairy out of my diet, started using gas drops or because we are giving her more time at home (not going out as much). Not sure if she just doesn’t do good on outings – seems to wake up earlier (maybe nap half the time vs when she is at home).


Doctor’s appointment

Colette went for her second doctor’s appointment – she gained 2lbs and 8cm since birth!!! Doctor said her skin acne is normal and did not recommend to do anything to it (FYI my doctor is more of a “naturalist”). Some interesting facts she mentioned to us is that newborns are nose breathers until 3 months – resulting in their loud breaths. Her shivering limbs are due to a shivering reflex that lasts until 3 months.
We tried starting one arm swaddle and she seems to be doing great. Trying out the 4s strategy – more particular the sitting part before naps/bed time and it seems to work well so far. She is primed for bed and cries less when we put her down.
We are slowly stretching out her night time hours. By 4 weeks she was sleeping 4hours straight. And this week she is sleeping 5 hours straight.
She’s slowly staying awake throughout an entire feed – this happens maybe once a day so far. Think that’s why she only poos during changing – because she’s more awake then – and maybe burping too. So we no longer have to do diaper change in between feeding each side to wake her up – this helps in using the diaper change strategy at the end of a full feed to wake her up for wake time.
Her double-fisted poo stance

Her double-fisted poo stance

She started making cooing noises at the end of the week. The first time was when she was changing her diaper with my husband. It sounded like they had a full blown conversation and was rather cute. I love watching them have their moments together.
She’s growing so much! She’s moved from nb to 0-3 mo clothing! Her length is growing faster than her girth.
She continues to be on a 2.5-3 hour schedule: 7:30, 10:00, 12:30, 3:00, 5:30-6:00, 8:30, 11-11:30, 4:30

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