Week 6

All right! Week 6 re-capture! This was a significant week of learning for me! I mentioned in my earlier posts about learning how to “let go” and not be perfect in parenting.
It is definitely a constant struggle in me as I know it’s been something instilled in me growing up – that the standard was perfection and I need to get there or it’s just not good enough. So how this leaks into parenting is how I try to control things such as baby’s routine so that I can have that perfect result..which probably means no crying, perfect sleep, perfect eating etc. I would watch the clock when I feed, during wake time to make sure I do things down to the tee. And of course, sooner or later, that really drove me crazy, especially when the “results” were not per my expectations base on what I had put in in my planning and efforts. My husband finally said something that helped me get out of that mindset: You can do your part, but you have to let her do hers. I can say I try really hard to be excellent in reading and trying everything I know how to help our baby get in a schedule and sleep, so I now just have to let go of my control to get it “perfect”, so I can just enjoy the moment, enjoy her and give her time to learn the routine we are setting up for her. We just have to stay consistent and confident in what we are doing and keep learning. I feel like that was a breakthrough for me and feel a burden lifted off – now I’m able to not keep my eyes wired to the clock, but enjoy her and just watch her more. But of course this is a process for me 😉


Sleep & Wake time 
So since our first time trying the one arm swaddle, we had stopped soon after because baby was unsettled and we wanted to eliminate things that might have contributed. So this week, we tried to introduce the one arm swaddle again. If she can fall asleep in carseat unswaddled, doesn’t that mean she should be okay to sleep without swaddle? Anyways – we were giving it a try to see if it’ll work. But we stopped it after a day because she started having off days again. She would fall asleep for 5-15 min and wake up, and this would continue for 3-4 cycles. This pattern continued for 2 days. We realized that we were overtiring her. I’ve been doing the 4s and it’s shown good results as mentioned in previous post, but for some reason, her sitting time started getting longer and longer – we went up to double and triple the time she would normally be awake for (she didn’t show her normal “primed sleep” look) – AND even when we got her to that point, she still wouldn’t sleep well. So for one feed, I decided to just put her down like I used to before starting the 4s (15 min wake time or 45 min total wake time) as I needed the freedom back as well. She cried less, and was in and out of sleep less (slept maybe 20 min at a time vs 5-10 min). But because I felt like we had worked up to at least 1 hr of wake time total, I tried to push it an extra 15 min for next cycle – bad move – she went back to in and out of sleep. So I looked back at the log I’ve been keeping and her normal range for wake time  before the last 2-4 days was actually about 45 to 50 minutes! OOPS! Good to keep logs that’s for sure as the days always tend to clump together.
Growth Spurt
Just when you think there wasn’t enough chaos and unsettling, there is more. I think she went through growth spurt for one day on Thursday because she was eating every 2-2.5 hours. And then on Friday she slept SO much and pooed less. Saturday she continued to be better and seemed back to her old self. Can’t tell if she grew, but she does seem to be more awake for feeds (lasting whole feeds at times without passing out thus having good burping sessions!) and talking (cooing) more and pooing less!
So it seems like this week was more of a growth spurt for me than for the baby. I can’t say it enough – It’s a constant learning curve as a parent and a constant trial and error type of gig. Learning to just let it go and enjoy will be my mantra.  Baby is back to eating every 2.5-3h hours, wake time about 30 minutes or so (though I am keeping less of an eye on the clock). Our schedule goes as: 7:30, 10:00, 12:30, 3:00, 5:30-6:00, 8:30 and 11-11:30, 4:30-5:30. Her naps were pretty wonky this week and often 45 minutes to 1 hour during the days. My husband notices that her late afternoon naps are the worse for her. Next week will be a new week!

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