Week 7

WOOHOO! All caught up in the re-capturing. Our little lady is 7 weeks old!

She’s been good. She continues to stay alert for most feeds besides the late night and early morning ones. I still have to stay pretty alert with her (not be on my phone) to keep her awake at times or else she will doze off especially when on the second side.
Wake Time
I think she is still at about 30-35 minutes. She had a few cycles/days where she was cranky and couldn’t sleep but overall she was good. Now that she doesn’t poo every cycle, she has time to actually do more “play” during wake time! She started to have her playtime with grandpa having independent play time. Though I’m finding with the holiday seasons, and my family being in town that she doesn’t have much independent play time because everyone wants to socialize with her. Which I’m okay with. I think she’s a social butterfly like her daddy anyways.
She had this trend of waking up every 2-2.5hrs for a few days and we thought it was another growth spurt. According to BabyWise, you just feed them as they need and things will go back to the regular schedule after growth spurt is over. We tried that for 2 days -feeding every 2 hours and it drained me and I was in pain. We decided that giving it 2 days to try was enough, as we also weren’t sure if she was just learning to adapt to a new schedule or if it was actually a growth spurt. Anyways, we got her back to her normal routine at the end. What a relief!
We have been extending her middle of the night feed each week. She was hitting her 5:30am mark up until mid week which I was pretty happy with as her last night time feed is usually around 11pm (so she was sleeping 6 hours). Baby Wise says babies will usually start dropping the middle of the night feed anytime between 7-10 weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised when she slept through the night mid week this week! She woke up at 6:30 one day (our usual morning time is 7:30). I decided it was good enough of a start time for the day and adjusted the rest of the day, which actually turned out better due to the outings we had scheduled. I was a bit hesitant to see if this would continue as I had accidentally turned the sound off on our monitor – so I was not sure if I had just missed her whining during the night :$. But when I saw her in the morning and she looked happy and alert at 6:30, I took that as a win :). And she also continued sleeping through the night for the rest of the week (with monitor sound on and all haha).
She is talking and smiling more! Definitely recognizing our faces! Other milestones I’ve mentioned above already – having more distinct play time (especially with others) and sleeping through the night – so she is down to 7 feeds a day. What a week!
This is her schedule by the end of the week: 7-7:30, 9:30-10:00, 12:30, 3:00, 5:30-6:00, 8:30, 11:00. She often woke up 45 minutes in for day time naps. Her wake time total is about 1 hour. Her main “activity” during wake time is bathing (I do about twice a week), changing her diaper (I include our talking time then) and being held by family, which I categorize as socializing 🙂

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