Week 8

So my husband and I have chosen to live our lives with structured flexibility as we want to live beyond ourselves. And we are leading our little Colette in this way too- we want her to learn to be adaptable. This Christmas week was filled with situations to try. We had a few parties with a gathering of 30+ people, filled with tonnes of cute but loud kids as well. So imagine the noise with all these people, singing, kids that’s had lots of sugar and a joyful group of friends. Definately made me anxious as Colette’s never been in such a situation and I wasn’t sure how the noise and stimulation would affect her. But we knew these types of situations would be inevitable and they were important to us, so no better time than now to take the plunge!
So one time, the party was at a friends house, and the other was in our home. Both times Colette did not nap well – waking up 45 minutes into her nap. I wasn’t sure if it was the new environment (i.e. loud noise and stimulation of people), or just her having an “off” day as she has had a tendency for shorter naps in the past little while. Through these situations, I did have a revelation – “tomorrow is a new day”. For our Christmas party, our church community decided to actually celebrate the “spirit” of Christmas which is Jesus’ birth. So we held a Birthday party for Jesus. Throughout the night, I was stressing on having half my mind on hosting people and the other half thinking about what to do for Colette and how to help her. I remember when I was nursing her, I just thought to myself, you know what, this party is important to me and I want to be present! Yes I love my baby and want to help her, but if she’s having a bad day – she’s having a bad day, and tomorrow will be a new day and she will be OKAY. That really helped me let go of my worries and anxiety and attend the party with more peace in my heart.

We adjusted her schedule to 3 hours between feeds (which actually knocked down our feeds from 7 to 6 per day). I did this because I found that different editions of BW recommend slightly different things: the earlier editions suggested ranges of time frames vs the newer editions which gave more specific schedules. I have found that my baby follows the old editions more as she fits into the lower/earlier part of the ranges offered (i.e. she dropped her night feed at 7 weeks and the age range too drop that was 7 to 10 weeks). She also started off feeding not as frequently (8 per day vs 9). Perhaps her being 2 weeks late contributes to her being more advanced in how she’s able to drop feeds?
On another note, Colette started throwing up her feeds again (not entire but maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of her feed). Not too sure why as I have not been feeding her more than the usual. She does tend to gag and cough a lot throughout her feed.
Yay – Baby continues to sleep throughout the night – wake up time is between 6:30-7:00 – she is usually stirring by then. The best is finding her already ready to get up for the day, and being greeted by a beautiful smile in the morning.
I was going to say that her best naps continue to be the early morning nap and evening nap, but this week she started waking up early from her morning naps. Thankfully her evening and night sleep continue to be consistently good.
She had a few days of disrupted sleep – not sure if it was the jump to a 45 min wake time vs 30 min. But the day after she slept so well AND we were out all day – so maybe it was a growth spurt time or maybe just the comfort of sleeping in a moving car helped her settle easier? Whatever it was, we will take it!
We tried to leave Baby with mother in law to put her down to sleep while we went out for 15-20 minutes. We came back and she was STILL awake – she went at least 15-20 minutes over her normal wake time. But she ended up still sleeping well. not sure if she was just that super tired that day, or maybe she can handle that much wake time?
Wake Time
Her wake times are definitely extending, which is great as she can spend more time with both sides of the families who are here from out of town. I find myself keeping less of an eye on the clock and just watching her for her sleep cues (yay for me for relaxing and letting go a bit more). When she was younger, we used the yawn as her sleep cue, and would put her down after 2-3 yawns and usually she would still CIO for 20-30 minutes. These days, she will still have those as her sleep cues, but more so she would start fussing and cry even as we put her down (and now we are able to recognize her tired cries!). And thereafter for most of the time, she would just CIO for 10-15 minutes before passing out. So I guess this is the progression part of sleep training!
Colette’s singing with my dad a lot – consistent “ah ah ah” sounds whenever she is sung to. It is quite adorable.
I find that there are new cues all around: for sleep she fusses instead of yawn, for hunger she doesn’t root, and actually we don’t have a definite hunger cue except for fussing around time of feeding. When she doesn’t want to eat though, she will close her mouth and push breast out with her tongue and hands.
She likes sticking her tongue out a lot – not sure if it’s just a “fun” thing. I’m thinking it’s one of grandpa’s teachings as he is teaching her all these fun acts.
We have started putting her in a bouncer chair for independent play with dangling toys – she’s slowly getting engaged with it, and focusing on the toys and not just following me with her eyes around the room.
So onwards we go with the detective work. Short 45 minute naps – is it because we over shot her wake time? is she in growth spurt? has she been overstimulated with all the festivities? I think we will try to slowly wean out factors after the holidays are over and we are back to a more “normal life”. I’m just proud of our little girl for learning to adapt to so many different environments and situations this Christmas break – or should I say I’m proud of myself? 🙂
Colette’s schedule: 6:30-7:00 wake up, 10:00-10:30, 1:00, 4:00, 7-7:30, 10-10:30 and repeat. Wake time activities: baths, socializing time with families, independent play time on bouncer, diaper changes, outfit changes, and tummy time. She’s still feeding around 30 minutes in total. Sleep times usually range from 45min to 1.5-2hours.

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