Week 9

It was Christmas week! It was ridiculously busy especially with both families are in town. We were out and about a LOT and Colette handled it well – I usually timed it so that we fed her right before heading out, so she could fall asleep in the car and hopefully stay asleep when we arrive at wherever we went. She slept in her carseat a lot this week when we were at our in-laws or just out and about at restaurants etc. Training her to be adaptable pays off 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
We have been able to stretch her to 3 to 3.5 hours between feedings this week albeit a bit accidentally due to all the outings and imperfect timing. Not sure how she will adjust when we stay home again.
She still has her 45 min short naps at times. Otherwise, sleeping well despite all the outings we are having.
She really enjoys sitting in her bouncer chair and staring at her dangling toy and smiling at it. It’s delightful to watch her from afar.
She has better head control – she holds herself up when she’s upright. It is quite cute watching her when I burp her with her little wobbly head up and curious eyes darting around. She also lifted her head an inch or so off the ground during tummy time!!! She again is definitely talking more and smiling more.
We took the week off from trying the bottle since it’s been so busy. Hopefully re-start to try next week.
I’m so glad  we have “started her off as we mean” as Babywise says – as in we have lead Colette to be adaptable in different situations, and she (and us) are reaping the fruits of our labour. I’ve heard it before, but it truly is quite remarkable how adaptable babies are! Her schedule is still the same as last week. I’ve started using hanging toys for her carseat so she can have her activity time on the go while we were out and about this week. Though it’s been fun the past few weeks with the holidays and families around, I am excited to return to a normal routine…

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