Week 11

OH MY GOSH. What a rough week! It seems like everything we’ve “gained” in progress just got tossed out the window. Naps are off, time to fall asleep takes longer. Short wake-ups or rustling in the middle of the night…I think in hindsight I was able to piece together that this was the start of a Wonder Week. The craziness took a toll on me as again, I wasn’t able to control nor “fix” the situation. But I was proud of myself that I didn’t tap out until a full week of chaos had reached. haha. It didn’t help that this week was super stressful as we were finishing more renovations on our secondary suite for our friends to move. If I’m mentally tired, everything else feels 100x harder!


After those great few days of napping well and heading towards a 3-3.5 hour schedule, our dear Colette decided to spice things up a bit and wake up 30 minutes into her nap EVERY TIME! Her crying pattern is different too than before as she will wake up with crying, then settle and cry again. She’s also reverted back to taking 20-30 minutes to fall asleep and usually would cry it out too.

She’s also waking up at 4-5am usually whimpering a few days – 2 times I heard her have a poop and fall back to sleep. One time she started crying and I tried to help her fart but with no success and ended up giving her a short feed.

On the good side – she continues to sleep throughout the night (mostly), and because she would sometimes fall back asleep towards the end of her nap time, i was able to extend her hours to 3.5 hour cycles, and one day it just worked out to dropping her late night/dream feed. And then I went back to our regular schedule the next day, and then back to dropping the feed and now we are down to 5 cycles per day – and she’s doing great with that.

Though her sleep has been off, she surprisingly still greets me with a smile when I go in to get her up for the next feed. She squeals when I unwrap her, so there is some temporary stress relief 😉 So I’m not sure if she’s just happy because she’s hungry or she just wants to hang out.



I had wondered if it could’ve been a growth spurt as well, so started feeding her more in increments per feed: went up from 30 to 50 min with no spit up (my way of knowing if she’s over eating) but with no change.
Wake Time
I also tried different things like shortening her wake time, lengthening her wake times, shush-pat 2 times and realized that method didn’t work and wasn’t for me. I even tried playing soothing music. Nothing helped. And I just decided to let it be, since she still seemed happy and content.
Started to read more into Wonder weeks – they say that the week prior to a wonder week, the baby can have many symptoms (similar to growth spurt) that can last for a week or more – including disrupted sleep. I have noticed that she has been developing a LOT this week (in hindsight) – squealing with strangers, propping onto her elbows on tummy time, sucking her hands constantly (finding her hands). So maybe this is the answer to all the chaos.
Chaotic naps mean stressed out Shirley. I find it hard to just let it go and let her be, even when all signs point to her being okay (eating well, growing well and seemingly content). That will be my continual struggle of being a mom – letting go and letting my baby be. My husband did help me snap out of it by reminding me that there’s no point in worrying – it doesn’t achieve anything but only makes me feel more stressed.
Colette’s schedule this week is: 7-7:30, 10:30-11, 1:30-2, 5-5:30, 8:30 bedtime.

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