Week 12

“Uneventful” week as Colette continues to be in the midst of her possible Wonder Week. I’m getting more used to it, and just letting my mind settle by telling myself to relax and that maybe she’s just a short napper by default. Haha. ANYTHING to help me ease my mind and change my perspective that it’s okay that she’s having short naps. She did seem to ease back to her old self towards the end of the week. But I’m very careful to let myself be so hopeful (because I’m not good with handling disappointment haha). So we will see how it goes next week! At least seeing this cute face every few hours helps counter all my stress 😉


On a good note, because we have dropped the late night feed, I was able to go play volleyball for the first time since getting pregnant! WOOHOO! Just to give you a clue, my secret dream is to be a professional volleyball player. I LOVE playing. Anyways, it’s nice to feel like we got our evenings back and am able to do something substantial before feeling the need to pass out. Though I’ll admit that I still sometimes feel like passing out after I put her down at 9pm. haha.

So I would actually like to CELEBRATE how great we’ve had it with Colette. I was reminded this week that even though things aren’t “perfect” in terms of Colette being able to nap all the way through, we actually have so much to celebrate in what she’s accomplished! She slept through the night at 7 weeks, she has dropped her late night feed by 11 weeks, she’s had no issues with latching and breastfeeding, she’s a healthy and growing baby, she’s developing so quickly mentally and physically, and she is such a cute and delightful being that we get the privilege in getting to know every day more and more! Thank you Jesus for an amazing gift!



Schedule continues as: 7-7:30, 10:30-11, 1:30-2, 5-5:30, 8-8:30. When we have something to do in the evening, I feed her earlier at 8pm.

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