Week 13

This was another “crazy” week, but turned out with such great accomplishments! So I have given up the fact that I can master this parenting business (again)! Nothing ever seems stable, and a curve ball always seems to come my way! Parenting is like getting constant curve balls – anyone agree?!?!? But I’m pretty proud to say that Colette’s graduated to a 4 hour schedule! Here’s what happened this week and how we were able to achieve that!

Feeding was tough this week! Colette started not only fussing, but crying, screaming and pushing away while nursing just after a few minutes. She would eat for maybe 5 to 10 minutes and then start crying. And when I try to offer her the other side (thinking it was a milk supply issue), she would act the same – arch back, cry and push away. It started with just the first feed for a few days, and then started to spread to all the other feeds for the rest of the day.
So as the feeding issue continued, I started to get worried. I started reading up on why babies pulls off the breast and cries. What I found was that this issue is common from 3 to 8 months for multiple reasons such as that babies start to eat faster, and babies don’t grow as fast after 3 months, so don’t eat as much.
Another thought I had was that maybe Colette wasn’t that hungry that early, so maybe I should extend her feeds now. In the older versions of BabyWise, it says from 3 to 6 months that babies can range from 4-6 feeds but never less than 4. I had planned to shift from a 3 to 3.5 hours schedule to a 3.5 hours schedule and then finally a 3.5 to 4 hours schedule gradually. But we ended up hopping straight to a 4 hours schedule right away because she woke up at the 45 minute mark and stayed awake for 45 minutes for first nap, then 20 minutes for her second nap and then only a few minutes for her last nap. Because she fell back to sleep after these awakenings, I let her sleep extra and it ended up stretching to a 4 hour schedule anyways 🙂 And she was able to sleep thrrough until 7am the next day. Yay! So now we are at a 4 hour schedule and dropped from 5 to 4 feeds per day!
At the end of the week she started eating more again. PHEW!
This smile makes any "off" days more bearable

This smile makes any “off” days more bearable

Sleep seems to slowly return to her norm as she was getting back on her 3 to 3.5 hour schedule for at least 3-4 days. Then we had 2 days where we were out and about so she had shorter naps in general.
So I’m really wanting to drop the swaddle! Since she breaks out of it so easily, but cannot fall asleep unless I re-swaddler her, it is so much work. I actually double-swaddled her at night and it seems to do the trick for now (miracle blanket, and a swaddle blanket overtop).
For a couple of nights she started waking up in the middle of the night and having a hard time falling back to sleep (and not due to breaking out of swaddle). On one of the nights she woke up at 3am and went back to sleep, then at 4am and then stayed up for 30-45 minutes fussing, and I finally got up at 5am to feed her a snack. She then slept until 8 the next morning (we both slept in). Not sure if this was because we moved her to the 4 hour schedule and she’s not getting enough, or if it’s just because she isn’t eating well in general.
Wake Time
I’m still convinced that Colette is a social butterfly like her daddy. She gets real bored of staring at her toys on her bouncer or play mat, and would much rather stare at whoever is in the room or engage when we start playing with her.
She’s still not quite reaching/grasping/swatting quite yet. I’m anticipating this day so much! I read that if baby shows signs of trying to reach for a toy, you can help them grab it to teach them how to grasp.
Hubby and I went on our first night out without the baby this week! I fed her last feed at 8pm, left her with a friend, and headed out to an event at 9:30! Was so great! Just because it was our first night out without the baby I wanted to stay out late even though I knew I would regret it – it was worth it celebrating my friend’s blog launch party!
I don’t know if this counts as a milestone, but it’s fitting here: she’s pooping up her pants much more! Haha 🙂 It’s disgusting I know, but when I get welcomed by this not-so-pretty mess when I’m still trying to wake up, but look up at her cute and coo-ing face, I can’t help but laugh and smile. I will just choose to celebrate her developing digestive system!
As I mentioned, she’s moved into a 4 hour schedule and thus sleeping from 10-11 hours throughout the night now! yay for us to have a longer evening back to ourselves 🙂
The lesson of this week for mama: the more I tried to find solutions to my baby’s “problems’, the more I’m realizing that babies just change SO much and there are always issues that arise that causes babies to be “off”. I love learning and being knowledgeable, but am realizing that if it actually starts stressing me out, it is no good. I think I’m starting to be more at ease with the fact that babies are just constantly changing – and they will not be “stable” in our own definitions and we just need to let them be 🙂
Schedule has changed this week down to 4 feedings (the minimum as stated by Babywise at 3 months): 7:30-8, 11:30-12, 4, 7-7:30, and she is usually down to bed by 8-8:30pm. On days we have something to do at night, I will feed her closer to 7pm.

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