My Favorite Baby Things

Going through 3 months with my little gal, I want to share some products and brands that I have tried and either loved, or not loved so much and have a need to promote it to all new moms, moms-to-be or veteran-moms out there! Keep in mind that I like efficient products, easy-to-use products and items that I believe promote healthy growth and development (that’s my physiotherapist side).

From swaddles, to baby wear, and car seat to strollers, here are some of the things I’ve discovered so far. There are also many more products that is on my wish list and am excited to try! What have you tried that’s been useful and effective? Leave me your suggestions!

Baby Favourites


1298This is one of my husband and I’s favourite baby product. I’ve done research on this carrier, and it seems like the majority vote was that the Ergobaby was the most biomechanically correct for both mom/dad and baby. Having tried it out now, I definitely agree. The weight is well distributed throughout the hips and shoulders so it does not over-exert either body parts. I have done short trips up to 1 hour with it, but haven’t tried for longer yet. I’m excited to take this baby out on a hike when summer comes!


51QgpddnTDLThese guys are SUPER soft and comfy, but not great for swaddling once they learn how to wiggle. Because it’s super soft and stretchy, babies break out of this if used as a swaddle real quick. I’m looking forward to using these as light blankets or our stroller rides in the spring.


2026f_2-classic-4-pack-swaddle-jungle-jam-2I got these as a gift and they are our main swaddling blankets. They have just enough stretch and stiffness so that the baby stays nice and wrapped up. The price is a bit high for my liking, and I would rather invest into an actual swaddler, but as a gift these are great. And if you want to use blankets as swaddles, I would recommend this kind.


mbdemopicsmCan a product be a life saver as well as…the opposite? We had this as a hand me down and I didn’t even take it out of the box because it looked so complicated. But when Colette started breaking out of all our swaddle strategies, I was desperate to give it a try. The thing I don’t like about this is that it is complicated and takes a bit of work to use. And remember you are doing this for every time you put your baby down – so it adds up to be a lot of work. And actually, my little hulk has started even breaking out of this too.


city-select-combo-14With the research I did, I liked the City Select and UppaVista as my top 2 choices. I was looking for a stroller that had the option to become a double as we plan to have our next babe sooner rather than later. The only reason I picked City Select is because my friend who has UppaVista said if she were to choose again, she would choose mine as the seat configurations are better with it than the UppaVista. As I only have my first so far, I can’t attest to that function yet. But so far I do like the big carriage and the easy collapse function. The carseat sits a bit high for my shorter height of 5’1 (it’s like driving with the steering wheel at eye level). One thing I do not like is that this stroller cannot be stored upright, but has to lay flat.


imagesWe got this as a hand-me-down too, and it’s been attached to our carseat from the get-go. I didn’t even think of getting one, but it’s been so useful! We go out quite a bit with the little one, and especially in the earlier days, it helps with nap time. We simply pull down the canopy, rock her a bit and she’s sleeping (but we have done sleep training from the start too). They have great deals every so often, so I would definitely recommend this. You can also throw a blanket over your carseat too of course 😉


7905343Again, we borrowed our carseat from a friend. Can you tell I am extremely resourceful (and have great friends!). When we actually invest into one, I’m leaning towards the Graco Snugride. I find the Chicco is too clunky and heavy for my already small size. But it is super sturdy and easy to use, but just for my personal preference I would go with something on a smaller scale.


7639 BabymoovLoveNestPillowI LOVE this little pillow. Now that my little worm wiggles so much, she hardly ever stays on the pillow, but in the earlier days, her head fit and stayed snug in this pillow. If you’re into giving your baby a nice head shape, this is great! It’s also easy to wash and cute as ever!

Some future products on my wish list:

Ergobaby swaddler

Ergobaby-Swaddler-new-ergonomically-correct-swaddling-blanketFor my next babe I’m wanting to try out the new Ergobaby swaddle or something similar where arms can come across (more normal than straight down like a strait jacket) and it’s a bit less complicated to put on. Again, my physiotherapist side loves this concept!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to a list of Baby Essentials I found useful as a first time mom 🙂


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