Baby Shower

Last week we helped throw a baby shower for a friend who’s due in March. It was really fun, and it felt like the first real event that I’ve helped organize/coordinate since the hurricane that came in this last season of so many new things. I feel like I’m finally back on my feet and doing the things I use to do more and more. One of these things is just exercising my creativity, making little DIY projects and hosting people in our home. It feels great! And I’m proud to say that I handled Colette well (with the help of my amazing husband) while hosting this fun event, meaning less stress and more enjoyment for me 🙂

A lot of people commented on the decor, which I actually spent a lot of time planning and DIY-ing, so I am pretty proud of it and want to showcase it. I’m discovering the fun things of Pinterest, so these are all Pinterest-inspired ideas for a baby boy baby shower!

When I was searching up ideas for decor for a baby boy shower, I didn’t like the look of the typical blues. Our friends are quite fun, earthy and nature-esque, so I discovered a colour combo that I really loved – browns, beige, creams and white. Soft and pastel colours were also used.


Textures were essential such as hemp and tweed fabric for banners and signs.


The wrapping paper puff balls are very easy and with the right colours, it was a nice and easy way to deck up the place. I had actually wanted to do a few hanging balls made from doilies, but couldn’t find the right type. Hopefully will get to try for the next one!


I did end up making a table running of tea-stained doilies. I totally forgot to take a picture of the table decor!!! But it turned out not too shabby. Here’s the original inspiration from the blog Love That Party.

Vintage Doily Table Runner 4

My friend has a floral business, and I asked her to help me just get some simple baby’s breath in mason jars to add to the theme. She did such an amazing job, and actually helped me put up and organize my decor while I was feeding Colette.

One of my favourite was the clothesline of baby’s clothes. It adds a little extra personality! And because baby’s clothing are so cute anyways, it just works!


It was a jolly good time with good food, good company, and good fun! Hopefully more to come as I continue to exercise my creative muscles!


Thank you to Donny (go to for amazing photography and Mariam for the flower decor (Find her at davideteliseflorals on instagram).


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