Week 15

I’ve heard from parents that once baby hits the 3 month mark, it is almost like a magical switch – where everything feels settled. I am definitely feeling that since about 1-2 weeks ago. Her naps have miraculously stabilized after we switched her to a 4 hour schedule. With feeding every 4 hours, I feel like I can do SO much more in between feeds, especially when my husband is at home and can play with her and put her down. I can actually run more than one errand! Wow…I’d say that’s quite the achievement!

Napping & Outings

Though we’ve “crossed the line” so to say, we were having a tough week when we went out with Colette.  Napping when we are out with her has not been very successful in the last little while. She usually is able to fall asleep when we are out, but then once she stirs at the 45 minute mark, we haven’t been able to get her back to sleep. Not sure if it’s too loud/stimulating, or that she’s the type of baby that’s just curious, or something else. We usually keep our canopy cover on over the carseat when we are out and she is supposed to be napping. Sometimes we peak in to see what she’s doing and i think once she sees us, it’s over – she starts cooing and whimpering and then crying.
So I’ve decided that I am okay with her missing a nap when we are out (or having a short nap) – so when she doesn’t settle at the 45 minute mark, I’ll just open her up to socialize and help her catch up on her next nap, usually at home. But it’s the hardest when we are out the whole day and she has back to back disrupted naps. This is the usual case on Sundays when we are out in the city for church, and then hanging out with friends afterwards. But the good thing is that she recovers the next day. So we are in a process of learning how to sleep train her when we are out. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but we will see if it works or if we will just have to be okay with her having short naps when we are out.
As of right now, we decided our game plan is to rock her back to sleep with the car seat cover on when we are out, and if she doesn’t settle in 15-20min, we may choose to open her up depending on the rest of our day. If she cries inconsolibly, we will take her out to comfort and soothe her.
Sundays are tough just because of the timing of things – so I am trying to move her wake up/feed early by 30 minutes so she gets a longer and fuller nap for the first one.


Overall it has been good. She still does on occasion have shorter feeds where she will start fussing, crying and pushing away before her usual 30 minute meal is over. I’ve decided to give her a few more tries once she starts whining, and not to force her. And if I’m really uncomfortable still (usually the morning feeds), I’ll try to offer her one more chance prior to putting her down to bed.


Oh the much awaited arm development – we are still waiting! She does not have a problem sticking both her firsts into her mouth though! Hopefully now that she’s found her hands (I think), she will start batting and grasping soon! Am so excited for that!
We rotate through bathing, tummy time, independent play time on floor mat and bouncer for activities in wake time. Daddy does a really good job engaging her with the toys when they play. But she still seems to enjoy looking at us more when we are around.


Schedule is still the same at every 4 hours: 7:30, 11:30, 3:30 and 7:30. I find Colette’s pretty flexible for eating. Sometimes I will push feeds 30 minutes late (sometimes more) if we are out and about and didn’t time things properly. She doesn’t seem to be upset much unless she is overtired.

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