Week 16 & 17

Howdy everyone! I think I’m going to combine my baby diaries into every 2 weeks and maybe even write up summaries once a month as her schedule is pretty set and the crazy growth that was in the beginning in the newborn phase has slowed down. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m “getting the hang of it”, or that Colette’s really just stabilized now. We didn’t think that we would even consider having our second baby until a year later, but now that things are settled, maybe we will have our talks sooner rather than later πŸ˜‰


Colette still has her little “fits” when she eats. I’ve noticed that overall she eats well (maybe 20 minutes total on average), with the first feed of the day being the worst. She would only take one side in the first feed of the day, and then I would have to give her the other side right before bed (which I’m okay with as long as she eats). She doesn’t cry, unlatch and re-latch as much as before. When she unlatches, I just need to give her a gentle nudge, usually πŸ˜‰ Overall she is still growing (look at that round, ROUND face), so I’m not too concerned.



Nap times at home continues to be consistent.Β In week 16, it seems like she might have gone through a wonder week, because she was just off. She re-gressed a bit in terms of taking a longer time to fall asleep and having a bit more of a difficult time at the 45 minute mark. She had 2 nights in a row where she woke up at 3am and stayed up for 1-2 hours just whining. We tried soothing her and I tried to feed her on the first night, but nothing really seemed to make a difference and she eventually fell asleep. Poor thing. Good thing it just lasted 2 nights. I was prepared for a week of it minimum, so I was pleasantly surprised when things returned to normal so soon.

Naps during outings continue to be a battle. Especially since the days have been so nice, we’ve been going out more, for the majority of the day. Timing is not always perfect in terms of giving her the optimal space to fall asleep and stay asleep, but as my mantra goes, “tomorrow is a new day”. She would fall asleep usually with no issues, but staying asleep is hard. On Sunday, we had church in the morning, then lunch with friends, and then a birthday party. She didn’t have a good nap from the beginning, and cried even when in the car. And I think she was so tired that she cried herself to sleep on the way home. Poor thing 😦


We do the same things with her – independent play times on her play mat, and on the bouncer. Tummy time with us. Cuddle time in bed in the morning when daddy is home. And socializing when we are with friends. She continues to be more attracted to people more than toys.

We FaceTimed my dad in Toronto this week. It was the first time he’s seen her “live” since he left in January, so it was quite the treat. I even got her to roll over during the call.



It was definitely a big week! The reason why we thought it was a wonder week was a combination of things: the poor and uncharacteristic sleep patterns, the fact that she was found giggling in a play session with daddy more than she’s ever had before (though it did not carry over to the next days), and she rolled from tummy to her back FOR THE FIRST TIME (only towards her right)!!!!! And of course the Wonder Week app indicated we are in the time range she would be having one.


I’m also observing that she arches her back a LOT more. I was carrying her in one arm and a diaper bag in the other from one room to another the other day, and she arched her back out from me and freaked me out. She whimpered a bit for a second or two and was fine – I’m not sure if it was because she saw how scared I was haha. Anyways – note to self to use 2 hands in this phase. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learns to roll back to tummy sooner rather than later. She’s always wiggling around and much more active. It seems like she has places to go and people to see πŸ™‚

3 Month Doctor Check-up

So we went for a late 3 month check up recently. She’s growing well and generally in the 50 to 75th percentile for all measurements. The doctor gave a prescription for her baby acne/eczema. It’s a non-steroid cream that she’s prescribed for me before. I used it for just a few days on top of the normal cream I apply on her, and her skin is as good as new! YAY! We had also started putting scratch mitts because she lost her privileges making so many battle scars on herself. But since her skin has gotten better I think she’s scratching less, so we’ve taken them off.

The doctor mentioned that Colette’s drooling is a bit excessive, so it is most likely because she is teething. This makes sense too as she’s been jabbing both her fists into her mouth every moment she gets (though I believe it can be a development thing too).

Mom & Dad

We had a nice date night this week, leaving some friends to do some “monitor” sitting for us. We went downtown and had a nice meal talking about our dreams and visions for the season we’re in. I can’t wait to learn how to grow our marriage and our family with traditions and establishing a culture. It’s nutty to think that we will set “the way” that our little one and ones to come will grow to know as their norm. Wow. What a privilege.


Our schedule is still every 4 hours. She’s consistently waking up at 7am or a bit earlier, so we’ve moved our start time at 7am, then 11am, 3pm and 7pm. I started waking her up maybe 30 minutes before her last feed for some evening wake time to move towards dropping her afternoon nap eventually, but also to see if it would tire her out more so she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night (PLUS we just want more time to play with her haha).


It was a big week for Colette, and though she’s struggling through, I know that she’s just changing so much. I can’t imagine being plopped into a completely new world where there is so much to discover, and at the same time your body growing constantly! I think I would be awake 24/7 so I can soak in as much as I can! So with the “bad” naps, and the “hard” times, it becomes celebratory because we know she’s just growing, and that’s a great thing.



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