Family outing at Crescent Beach – South Surrey

Hi y’all! A beautiful sunny day from Vancouver, BC, Canada 🙂 The winter weather in Vancouver this year has been very mild. We’ve had so many beautiful waves of sunny, good weather recently that I’ve been daydreaming more and more about our upcoming summer with the little one in toll. Thinking about the things we can do with her and the adventures we can take gets me SO excited – hiking, biking, just walking around beautiful areas of the city…just SO MUCH!

My husband and I went on a date night this past week where we had a lot of time (without the distractions of the cuteness of Colette) to talk, dream and share our visions for the future. One thing I would love to do, is to just learn, discover and experience things together as a family, especially things that are active and gets us OUT. This will be so great because we live in such a beautiful city that I’ve yet to discover much of, since moving here 5 years ago. I think we will try to go out every weekend, or every other weekend if our schedule allows, to discover BC. So if you know a good spot, please pass it on! I think we will try out the Nat Bailey Farmer’s Market next weekend with a few friends.

As well, another new project is going to be in full bloom so soon – our very own backyard organic vegetable garden! woohoo!! I’ve been learning SO much about food, nutrition and health that I want to write it all down and can’t wait to share it!

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We went out for a nice family trip on a beautiful day this past weekend and discovered a local gem. This weekend we went to Crescent Beach in South Surrey. We went to Beast and Brine to pick up a sandwich which was SUPERB! We ordered the “Beast”, which is whatever the chef at that time wants to put in the sandwich and voila! But beware there is no seating, so best to pick up a sandwich and head to the park, or like us, go next door to Fieldstone Artisan Breads. They have AMAZING baked goods, probably the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had! Definitely will go back there, as I am a sucker for baked goodies. Then off to Crescent beach we went!




We are loving the use of our Ergobaby carrier! My husband and I actually fight over who gets to wear it sometimes. I’m actually considering buying the 360 or Performance styles as well. Love, love LOVE their products!


The weather was AMAZING. The space was so beautiful. Not very crowded, and just a nice “chill” feel, my favourite. It doesn’t seem as touristy or busy to similar water-side places like Steveston or Kitsilano, and the demographics were majority young families or older couples. Definitely a place I would come back to, even just to hang out with Colette and have a nice reading/walking day. There’s also enough space to have a picnic with friends and for other kids to run around. Most definitely a good find!

Well that’s it for this adventure. Stay tuned for more, or better yet keep me accountable!!!



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