Month 5

Wowe – baby’s already in Month 6 and I haven’t kept up to date. Again, it’s been a bit crazy in our lives, but a friend reminded me how blessed I am each day to stare into this little face of cuteness as a reminder of how good our God is in amidst such bumps and hurdles in our lives. How can I look at this face and not be filled with joy? (Just a preview, month 6 has been torturous, thus also the delay of this post – will update more in a few weeks with that).



We started solids by the end of the month! I actually hadn’t planned to start solids until Month 6, but a mom friend told me that because they are less developed in month 5, it will be easier to introduce solids to them so they are less distractible etc. And it worked! As well, doing some research, paediatricians also give a range of 4-6months to be safe for babes to start solids with 6 months being the safest.

Colette was such an easy gal to start on solids. She was a monster though – gobbled up spoonful after spoonful of rice cereal. We started in the last 2 weeks of the month (so about at 5.5 months) and started with Gerber’s rice cereal because we had a freebie package. I know you can introduce new foods every 3-4 days (to watch for allergies), but because our week was chaotic I wasn’t able to do that and we stuck with cereals for the first week-ish. Oatmeal, brown rice and regular rice cereal. We also added some prune as I heard babies can get constipated with rice cereal.

She started with 2TB on her first go and went up to 6TB at the end of the first day (and probably could’ve kept going). Her feeding schedule continues to be 4 times a day every 4-4.5 hours. I feed her solids for lunch and dinner. Breast feeding still prior to meals.


As for breastfeeding – this is the battle now. She is SO distracted. Sometimes taking her time and drinking up, but other times in a hurry and hardly drinks. Need to figure out if she’s actually full or just distracted and wants to play, as she does whine and complain when she’s “done”.


We FINALLY got to wean her off the swaddle. We actually started because one night it was just SO hot, and our swaddle method with her to prevent her from breaking out was a double swaddle – swaddle blanket on top of miracle blanket. So because it was so hot to keep up with the double swaddle, we just went for it that night. We kept her in just the swaddle blanket, and she woke up in the middle of the night with it loosened, but we re-swaddled her with one arm out and she fell back asleep fine till the morning! YAY!

Day 1: we one-arm-swaddled her to continue the weaning, but she kept breaking out of it, so we just jumped to sleep sac. She woke up in the middle of the night but was able to be soothed back to sleep (we rub and pat her tummy while in her crib).

Day 2: She was able to fall asleep for all her naps on her own in a sleep sac but woke up early for one nap. We tried to soothe her 3x but she just couldn’t go back to sleep. So we fed her early that evening and called it a day.

Day 3: She fell asleep quick for all her naps and slept through all her naps and through the night! WOOHOO! Weaning complete 🙂 (This was about week 25). To be very frank, the next babe we will try to do sleep sac with them from the get-go. This swaddling thing just got dragged on way too long :$

Besides the weaning process, Colette is having night wakings – it went for a few days, and then she was fine for the next few, so we will see if this keeps up. I also gave her top up of formula in the evening in case she was hungry and going through an early growth spurt. We will see how this goes into Month 6 as this early waking started towards the end of the month.


OH MY! Our little one is becoming her own person. Can I say again how much I love her LAUGH??? It is hilarious and becoming less rare. I have a few videos on my instagram if you’re curious. Though her giggle fits are still rare and hard to call forth haha.

This month we’ve noticed Colette started:

– touching her toes

– opening the canopy when it’s covered (peeking out through the sides)

– reaching out for toys more when we offer it to her

– reaching to touch our faces

– reaching out to everything she sees

– sitting up more on her own (she falls backwards mostly)

DSCF1067 DSCF1070


Our schedule remains at 6:30-7/11/3/7 for feedings. She’s up for anywhere from 2-2.5hours. When we are out she is still taking short naps (30-45mins). For feedings, I nurse her first, then we eat a meal together as a family (or the 2 of us when daddy’s at work).

It was a big month of changes! We got rid of the swaddle, and she started solids! But we have been faced with early morning wakings. So stay tuned to see if we get this resolved in month 6…



One thought on “Month 5

  1. mmmelvin says:

    Great recap! It was a huge month with the solids! She’s so solid with the solids! 😛

    Colette is going to love reading this when she is older. Looking forward to reading about month 6! That’ll be an exciting one!!


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