Month 7

Things have returned to a new “norm”. Colette is definitely more stabilized now since last month, but there are still kinks we are trying to work out. Now that we’ve finally moved into our new space (yes, again!), we can settle in and have less variables, if you know what I mean. I am very proud to say that even though we’ve gone through so much transition and changes externally, Colette has adjusted pretty well considering! It’s always a bit of a tough one to remember that babies are very adaptable and they will just learn. There are definitely things I believe we need to do to “cater” to them, but more often than not, if you are a perfectionist-keep to routine-type of mom like me, it’s easy to forget that flexibility is OK and it won’t completely destroy everything you’ve done up to this point. And…they DO learn. These babies are tough!



Colette continues to eat like a tank. haha. We have a lot of people comment on how well (and a lot) of solids she eats. She will just open her mouth and wait for us to bring food to her mouth. It’s sorta like feeding your highness her grapes while we fan her. Quite hilarious. And she usually won’t stop unless we stop feeding her and tell her dinner time is all done.

But what I’ve noticed is that my milk supply has dipped, so I’ve also started doing 50/50 formula and breast milk via the bottle, and noticed she’s drinking more and more. So this may perhaps deter her from eating as much solids in the near future. We shall see!


Oh dear. At least her naps are doing well is all that I’m saying! Colette is waking up at 5:30am again. We tried a few things: wake to sleep, playing with her daytime schedule (i.e. dropping 3rd nap), moving night time sooner and later (ranging from 5:30pm to 7pm). It seems like we’ve tried it all and still none has availed. But at least she’s nice and quiet until I go get her at 6:30am. I’m really hoping that if we continue to increase her milk intake throughout the day that she will sleep through later.

It hasn’t helped that we’ve been out and about a lot and not really being able to keep bed time down to the exact time every night. We usually are running out and about late and she passes out within a minute when we get home. Poor thing.



We’ve noticed that Colette might be getting some stranger danger 😦 Not totally sure as the times that she was handed off to people were mostly towards evening sleep time and she was cranky already.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that Colette has a hard time transferring when we put her down at a friend’s house. We went out for the evening a few times this past month at friends’ places, so we put her down there. When we woke her up to take her home she stayed awake the whole ride home (where as she usually passes out), and took awhile (maybe 30-60min range) to fall back asleep once we got home.

Activity wise, Colette is definitely sitting up independently. She rolls like a monster. And she’s learned to clap! She’s super smiley in response anytime we engage with her. it is quite adorable. No crawling/creeping yet. Though I see her trying. She is able to turn herself pivoting on her belly most of the time 🙂




Schedule is still about the same in terms of amount of feedings – 4 milk feeds per day with 3 times solids. Designated wake time of 6:30 (bottle & solids), 8:30 naps, 10-10:30 (bottle & solids), 12-12:30 nap, 2:30-3:00 (bottle), 5:00 solids, 6:00 bottle, 6:30-6:45 down for the night. Honestly, because of so much that’s been going on, our schedules off by 30-60 minutes usually here and there. And it depends how early she actually wakes up (usually 5:30am) and if she has a short nap during one of her 2 naps. If she has a short nap, we usually give her a cat nap around 4-4:30, waking up no later than 5pm. Wake time is usually around 2:30-3 hours. But at last, we have a stable place we can call home now! Let the fun begin 🙂


2 thoughts on “Month 7

  1. Sam says:

    Such a cutie! Her smiles are amazing 🙂
    We struggle with occasional late nights out too and Amber does get quick cranky around 8-9pm, but we try to find a balance. Maybe she will be more adaptable growing up? 😛


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