Who am I?

How do I introduce myself? When I was younger, I use to ask people to “tell me your life story” to get to know them – and yes, that was usually one of my first questions. Not very tactful in breaking the ice, right? But this is how I’ll introduce myself, as I answer that question.

My name is Shirley Lee (formerly Ma).  I was born in Hong Kong, second born to my big brother Alan by one year. My parents worked lots, so I was brought up by my aunt and her family from age 0 to 7. Before you go “poor thing”, I was rather spoiled as I was the only girl in that family, while my brother resorted to playing with cardboard boxes in the offices where my parents worked. We moved to Toronto, Canada in 1992, and I remember the day we landed was one of the biggest snow storms to hit Toronto. I still remember all of us eating instant noodles in the middle of the night on our moving boxes in our home together. We moved uptown to North York soon after and lived there until I moved away for post-secondary at the University of Western Ontario.

Being a younger sister to a boy who was close in age and whom I admired much growing up, I played a lot of sports. So how I decided to pick Kinesiology as my major (with the goals of doing Physiotherapy for post graduate) was by process of elimination – I didn’t like anything else really except playing sports. And since I am like an average asian – short in stature (though quick like a ninja), I didn’t have the physicality to become a professional athlete (volleyball was my choice of sport of all sports), so I settled for Kinesiology. My secret goal was to become a physiotherapist of a professional volleyball team, and work my way into being on the line-up. Sometimes I am still hopeful 😉

The years in university was one of the greatest but hardest times in my life so far. It was in university that I discovered my faith in Jesus and have loved being pursued by Him ever since! But it was also during my time in university that I lost my mom to cancer in a very sudden and short time. Life is full of surprises and as Forest Gump said “You never know what you’re gonna get”, which is also the beauty of it as well.

After undergrad, I miraculously found myself in Alberta for graduate school, and then to Vancouver after I graduated. Both of these were big decisions in my life as I had to wrestle with either going back home to spend time with my family VS discovering what was in store for me in following my gut to move out west. I still remember what my dad had said that helped me finalize my decision – he said “Don’t worry about me, do what you feel God is calling you to do”. I think it brought me to tears, and was the best advice I ever got, because if I didn’t move to BC, I wouldn’t have the life that I have now, which is such a beautiful masterpiece in the making.

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I moved to Vancouver in 2010, and met my husband through church. After dating for 3 months we talked about marriage, at 7 months we were engaged and at 1 year we were married. Being surrounded by amazing people in our lives, we’ve been so supported throughout the process of our relationship and I know that is why it is so full of richness. I cannot brag enough about the man in my life, Melvin. He is the most handsome, gentle, kind, loving, supportive man that I know. He loves me well and his heart for me and for others is just so beautiful. Our little lady Colette joined us 2 years after our wedding date, and we have loved getting to know her and learning how to take care of her. This is the little family that God has gifted me with and I am so thankful, and so excited to live our lives in love for our community, our city and the world. So that’s the “life story” thus far.


Presently, I am a stay-at-home mom (on mat leave from being a Physiotherapist). I love sports, learning about nutrition and being pampered by thoughtful gifts and acts. There are many reasons why I started this blog. But one thing that I love to do is to LEARN. If I could take all the subjects offered in a university (for free), I think I really would. So this blog is a place where I can share my acquired knowledge, successes, failures, questions and challenges that I face in different things. Being a first time mom, much of it will be geared towards that. But who knows what it will evolve into!

I also thrive on feedback, especially if what I’m doing is helping you. So please leave me some questions or comments as it will really keep me going! Excited to be a forever-learner with you all 🙂


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