Month 4

When a few days feels like a whole week, you know you’ve had a tough one. Has anyone out there gone through rough patches but there’s that something in your life that represents hope. It’s like a rope that’s been thrown down to remind you that there is a way out – that there is hope. Hope. I love that word. I enjoy how Colette has been this reminder of hope. When I look at her, and think of her future ahead, I am just overfilled with joy. It’s like this analogy that was in Soul Surfer (such a cheesily-wonderful movie). In the movie, they magnified objects and got people to guess what it was. And it’s nearly impossible to get the correct answer. “It’s hard to look at things that are too close” – focusing on the problem at hand in the present is HARD and draining. We can start to better understand things with time, because it gives us a greater perspective. No better way for me to get that perspective but by looking at Colette. Or for a short-term solution, just watch Pitch Perfect and laugh my tush off.

Here’s a summary of Colette’s 4th month (weeks 18, 19, 20 and 21). She got her 4 months vaccinations! She was a trooper again! Short cries after the needle, but all smiles shortly after.  Unfortunately she reacted with a fever the next day, standing at 101.8 F.  She was just slightly more fussy, but definitely VERY tired. Her wake time went from 2 hrs to 1 hr, and she actually fell asleep in the car after a few moments (something she hasn’t done for months). Despite feeling under the weather, we made the most out of her sleepy state and had more peaceful outings 🙂 We gave her one dose of baby Advil and her fever was over.  Continue reading


Week 16 & 17

Howdy everyone! I think I’m going to combine my baby diaries into every 2 weeks and maybe even write up summaries once a month as her schedule is pretty set and the crazy growth that was in the beginning in the newborn phase has slowed down. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m “getting the hang of it”, or that Colette’s really just stabilized now. We didn’t think that we would even consider having our second baby until a year later, but now that things are settled, maybe we will have our talks sooner rather than later 😉

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Week 15

I’ve heard from parents that once baby hits the 3 month mark, it is almost like a magical switch – where everything feels settled. I am definitely feeling that since about 1-2 weeks ago. Her naps have miraculously stabilized after we switched her to a 4 hour schedule. With feeding every 4 hours, I feel like I can do SO much more in between feeds, especially when my husband is at home and can play with her and put her down. I can actually run more than one errand! Wow…I’d say that’s quite the achievement!

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Week 14

My little cute monster is 3 months old! I don’t know why I like calling her a monster: poop monster, cute monster, booger monster, milk monster…she’s just my cute little monster and I mean it in the most endearing way. The more I get to know her, the more I’m getting to see her personality – a little monster or fierce fighter in every way. I can tell we will have our hands full with her (in an exciting way!). I am so excited to raise a daughter who will be fearless, supernatural and powerful! Here’s an unusual picture of her in a docile state looking at her new discoveries of her little footies this past week.

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Week 13

This was another “crazy” week, but turned out with such great accomplishments! So I have given up the fact that I can master this parenting business (again)! Nothing ever seems stable, and a curve ball always seems to come my way! Parenting is like getting constant curve balls – anyone agree?!?!? But I’m pretty proud to say that Colette’s graduated to a 4 hour schedule! Here’s what happened this week and how we were able to achieve that!

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Week 12

“Uneventful” week as Colette continues to be in the midst of her possible Wonder Week. I’m getting more used to it, and just letting my mind settle by telling myself to relax and that maybe she’s just a short napper by default. Haha. ANYTHING to help me ease my mind and change my perspective that it’s okay that she’s having short naps. She did seem to ease back to her old self towards the end of the week. But I’m very careful to let myself be so hopeful (because I’m not good with handling disappointment haha). So we will see how it goes next week! At least seeing this cute face every few hours helps counter all my stress 😉 Continue reading

Week 11

OH MY GOSH. What a rough week! It seems like everything we’ve “gained” in progress just got tossed out the window. Naps are off, time to fall asleep takes longer. Short wake-ups or rustling in the middle of the night…I think in hindsight I was able to piece together that this was the start of a Wonder Week. The craziness took a toll on me as again, I wasn’t able to control nor “fix” the situation. But I was proud of myself that I didn’t tap out until a full week of chaos had reached. haha. It didn’t help that this week was super stressful as we were finishing more renovations on our secondary suite for our friends to move. If I’m mentally tired, everything else feels 100x harder! Continue reading

Week 9

It was Christmas week! It was ridiculously busy especially with both families are in town. We were out and about a LOT and Colette handled it well – I usually timed it so that we fed her right before heading out, so she could fall asleep in the car and hopefully stay asleep when we arrive at wherever we went. She slept in her carseat a lot this week when we were at our in-laws or just out and about at restaurants etc. Training her to be adaptable pays off 🙂

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Week 8

So my husband and I have chosen to live our lives with structured flexibility as we want to live beyond ourselves. And we are leading our little Colette in this way too- we want her to learn to be adaptable. This Christmas week was filled with situations to try. We had a few parties with a gathering of 30+ people, filled with tonnes of cute but loud kids as well. So imagine the noise with all these people, singing, kids that’s had lots of sugar and a joyful group of friends. Definately made me anxious as Colette’s never been in such a situation and I wasn’t sure how the noise and stimulation would affect her. But we knew these types of situations would be inevitable and they were important to us, so no better time than now to take the plunge!
So one time, the party was at a friends house, and the other was in our home. Both times Colette did not nap well – waking up 45 minutes into her nap. I wasn’t sure if it was the new environment (i.e. loud noise and stimulation of people), or just her having an “off” day as she has had a tendency for shorter naps in the past little while. Through these situations, I did have a revelation – “tomorrow is a new day”. For our Christmas party, our church community decided to actually celebrate the “spirit” of Christmas which is Jesus’ birth. So we held a Birthday party for Jesus. Throughout the night, I was stressing on having half my mind on hosting people and the other half thinking about what to do for Colette and how to help her. I remember when I was nursing her, I just thought to myself, you know what, this party is important to me and I want to be present! Yes I love my baby and want to help her, but if she’s having a bad day – she’s having a bad day, and tomorrow will be a new day and she will be OKAY. That really helped me let go of my worries and anxiety and attend the party with more peace in my heart.

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